Hazel Colditz works with the elements of earth, experimenting in materials of neon, paper, cement, clay, metals, wood, stone and glass, she believes in the integration of art and daily life, where your environ and/or outdoor space form a creation of sculptured space. Merging the natural with re-newed objects her fabricated works in sculpture and installations embrace investigation.

Inspired by the surreal works of Dali and his belief that “art must be experienced, not viewed as static”; Noguchi and his aesthetics in sculptural space; Gaudi’s visual use of organic forms and Goldsworthy’s works of impermanence, H. Colditz is an emerging artist with a vein connected to these perceptions.

Where most artists strive to create a permanent work, H. Colditz views her works as nothing more than awareness’s or awakenings.  “For me art is relative to one’s own mind and their capacity to imagine. I label less of my works now so as not to confine or define the viewer, I want the observer to investigate the nature of the object(s) and create it’s existence. It is important for me to share in the experience of art and the space it creates externally and internally, because life is an impermanent work of art.”