Feb 18 2011

self vs. self


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this was a final submission for an arts reality show that i entertained while in Chicago visiting my daughter.  the open calls were held in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, i made it thru three rounds into the semi finals over thousands of  applicants!  i had five days to make a self portrait in my medium and document it on video and show my “personality”…this was the result.

needless to say i did not impress the producers…actually what they did say was i did not fit the dynamics of the group they had selected!! hehehhhee…makes me giggle!

Nov 12 2010


a solo exhibit in sculpture, 2D mixed media, photography and

an experience of light, shadow, illusion, impermanence and

musings of our human bodies as vessels in this life…an offering

to plant a seed of contemplation.

20% of all sales benefit Tara Mahayana Buddhist Center

presents:  HAZEL COLDITZ

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Reception 6 – 9pm

Mar 14 2010

Studio Tour



Tucson….11 – 5 pm saturday/sunday…it is now 5:30p…doors are closed! i’d like to thank the 6 people who came out to see me, you made it ALL worth while!!

Dec 14 2009

Tis the season…


“If you do not practice compassion toward your enemy then toward whom can you practice it? ”  through my own daily practice i have found this to be truth and more importantly that compassion is not something that comes easily and/or naturally.  compassion is something we need to cultivate, simply put the story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a perfect analogy for everyone to understand! any human being, Buddhist and non religious or spiritual practitioners can grasp this story! when one’s mind becomes open at the same time our heart let’s go of wrong views, attachments, hate and ignorance…this is when we see and feel the truth of compassion arise within us. this is the perfect time to experience joy and love..in this season…this IS the resaon for “tis the season”.


Dec 12 2009



1. a small citrus tree, Citrofortunella mitis, of the Philippines.
2. the small, tart, tangerinelike fruit of this tree.

limes in olive3

dedicated to the SoAZ Girl Scouts….saturday, dec. 12th ~ noonish.

limes in olive8

i was to teach or give a talk on Land Art(think andy goldsworthy), some 20 young girls would participate on the U of A campus and then they could receive their “patch” on visual arts….apparently the tour thru the campus and digital studio kept them waylaid?  yes, i waited there diligently for an hour and a half!  it was beautiful out and i decided while waiting i’d give them something tangible to understand and view up close/personal.  the citrus tree sits approx. 20 yards to the northeast of this old olive. when it became obvious they were not coming i took my photos and left…a treat for myself, the birds, joggers, students…and the mission olive tree in which it resides till earth and nature consume them.

Oct 13 2009

A Weekend of Openings!

chandelier hue

2009, stainless, chandelier

As I sit recovering from my Fall Show I find myself restlessly tired and reflecting on the weekend’s events and the path that lead me there.  It is difficult for me to evaluate the “success” of the show by traditional means but I am as proud of my work as I have ever been and I have learned some important lessons from the journey.  I guess in that respect the weekend was an incredibly successful experience!

I began this season caught-up in the social media buzz and excited to jump headlong onto the train.  I would do whatever it took to become familiar with the social media venues and use them to expose, examine and market my new work to the world!

So it began……

“Social Media” can be said to have three components;

Concept (art, information, or meme).

Media (physical, electronic, or verbal).

Social Interface (intimate direct, community engagement, social viral, electronic broadcast or syndication, or other physical media such as print).

“Marketing” is an integrated communications-based process through which individuals and communities are informed or persuaded that existing and newly identified needs and wants may be satisfied by the products and services of others.

Marketing is used to create the customer, to keep the customer and to satisfy the customer. With the customer as the focus of its activities, it can be concluded that Marketing is one of the premier components of Business Management – the other being Operations (or Production).

lois,me,dianeLois, me, Diane

After reading this, I believed wholeheartedly that the two work together in a successful, bliss like partnership!  As in any partnership I went in knowing there would be compromises and lessons to be learned. “Social Marketing” is what I would call it! With Twitter, Facebook, MySpace & Linked, it seemed as though any verbally creative individual could start a mass following.

I gravitated almost immediately to Twitter.  Twitter is like a giant “chat room” for adults, all vying for recognition, attention or validation of some kind.  The successful can capture the attention of the masses in 140 characters or less.  I quickly learned it can also be a venue for tweet abuse or “tweet-arrhea” as I call it.

I have a Myspace account, which I do not utilize because it takes to much time and energy. Facebook just seems like more of the same but with a wider audience of adults looking for long lost mates! Linked is a “professional” Facebook – Myspace site, again one I did not utilize because it requires so much daily attention. There are many people who successfully utilize all of the above and even some I do not know about!

I do wonder how individuals so active in “social media” find time for balance and simultaneously focus on “operations/production” which is the driving force behind the marketing, unless of course you are an internet designed business!

Decision made, I would start with and continue with Twitter!  After all, there are thousands of artists who utilize twitter seemingly successfully!  And so I did, for exactly ten months.  I now have to ask myself what I learned and accomplished in those 10 months of 1-2 hours + on the computer faithfully communicating with my new audience in 140 characters or less.

I learned that no matter how much I posted or engaged with others the results were almost always the same. To get a blog reviewed one must post it multiple times each day to get the desired result, be it…..accolades, comments, controversy, laughs or just validation.  In the end I could never post it more than once.  Did that character defect doom me to failure?  I really dislike redundancy and if someone did not see the post then it was not in his or her karma for them to read it.  For those truly interested in what I had to say they could just click on my site and read it there!  Ahh….but that is not how it works!  Twitter is designed to be quick and fast paced. You must grab the attention of the Twitter masses with your first tweet so that the gospel according to theasianwelder will spread like a “RT” (return post) virus!  RT’s = validation.

I will be the first to admit, there are a lot of non-celebrity people who make it work for them and they do get results, fantastic results!  Sadly, I am not one of them.  I can say I did make some connections that would never have occurred except for my “Twitter experience”.  There are some amazing people doing some incredible things in their lives.  I wish I had the time in a day to follow and validate their accomplishments, but I can’t.  I have to work, provide support a large extended family, and grow my spiritual practice all of which leaves very precious and limited time.

ACEO metal3ACEO metal

My goal for 2009 was to “learn how to do” social media and marketing. I even went so far as to hire two PR people I met through Twitter to help me succeed in this game! So how did I fare after my 10 month social marketing blitz via Twitter?  Like my opening, sometimes success is defined by how one measures it.  If I had hoped to connect theasianwelder with the masses via social media then I am disappointed.  I would emphasize that my goal has never been to be “popular” or “rich” but to get a wider audience of what I do to promote my works, to engage with others with like minds and to establish a network of working artists in my medium.  I did learn that of the thousands of artists out there utilizing social media, the 3D artists are sorely lacking!  The 2D painters and photographers have a medium much more compatible with the internet!  There are even individuals who label themselves art critique who proceed to proselytize one artist and then seemingly randomly berate another.  It seemed far too easy to be critical when it is non-personal.

I also learned there are many Buddhist’s on Twitter as well. Most are kind, compassionate and on a mission to save humanity.  To all those out there simply wanting to share their experience with Dharma and help others to find some sense of happiness, I commend you; it is a worthy cause indeed!  I would love to read ALL the blogs out there on the Dharma and personal stories behind them but again, my time is limited, so I have to choose my own teacher as my source to enlightenment!

Overall, I would have to say my Twitter experience was good although I failed to accomplish my “goals”, the path was enlightening and I am better for the experience.

aquarian close-upclose-up “Flowers in My Yard” recycled metals, film, cactus, flowers

Saturday, October the tenth was my latest art reception “The Age of Aquarius”.  Many locals posted it repeatedly via Twitter and Facebook.  Ironically, no-one from my community of local Twitter followers showed up for the event!  Neither did either member of my PR team.  Who did attend?  Friends, family, long time patrons, people I personally met with, sent notes to, my Sangha community and some who found our flyers placed at businesses around Tucson by me and my daughter.

Perhaps that was my most profound lesson.   It all comes back to that personal connection.  It is to easy to be a cheerleader, critique, supporter and friend on Twitter but not come through when it takes more than 140 characters!  Human connection has proven to be my true source of social media!  All the hours I spent promoting the event through the Internet did not result in a single individual interested or caring enough to come to the event except the ones whose karma found us on their own or thru my own personal connection.

When I took a hammer to my cell phone it was my most liberating experience to date.  Deleting my account with Twitter….a close second!

Sep 27 2009


just when i thought i had something to say….i go and look “it” up…


Aug 14 2009

the WINNER(s) are…

these two tied for first and will be screen printed onto T shirts for the fall show!


dragon-t6-thresholdsecond, third and fourth place photo’s will be used as flyers for the event as well as invites.


thank you all for participating and helping me with your guidance…one never see’s them”self” in the same light as others.  i do hope i have everybody’s email that chose the winners! if not please contact me so i can send you your T!

Aug 11 2009


is change our cherishing to others.    Ven Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

for two weeks i received many teachings in Dharma, and many sessions in retreat..to find it is possible to change my ordinary view but also to understand how much training it will take to achieve this mindfulness on a continual and consistent basis. as a human being i am grateful for this opportunity of growth and spiritual path and am even more grateful to have had the karma to attend my guru’s last public teachings and empowerments.

walk-to-town3one of the many teachings he and other teachers brought up were the distractions we place within our daily life to “feel” busy…but what exactly are we busy with?

it is not a question of working to make a living to support ourselves and family but what of the other distractions in our lives? are we mindfully asking ourself what or why we engage in these “busy” things? is it to help others or is it merely self cherishing? before the advent of the computer and email we checked our mail once…daily. now many check their mail several times in an hour! as technology advances and consumers consume or buy into these devices we become less connected not only to ourselves but in essence to other beings. we validate it by saying we are at a fingers touch to reach accross the world to tap into anyone and everyone whom will listen, but seriously, what are we saying to them? when we spend time with family, friends or our own children how do we choose to spend it? in a movie, playing games, watching television…all false connections to stay busy so our minds do not have to share our thoughts or feelings. i am as guilty as most. my form of distraction is my computer, validating it that it is my means of marketing and staying in touch. however, if i mindfully engage now, i do so with time limitations and checking in to see if what i am spending time on is truly beneficial, not just for myself but more importantly to others.

garden-path2there are many choices in this precious life…i have chosen a path to question my “business” or daily distractions in this world. this human life is more precious than we can ever imagine, and yet we value success by means of material wealth and not inner wealth. if what we ALL want is happiness and peace, and i am talking about permanent, not the temporary kind you find shopping for a new skirt but true inner peace, than one MUST consider questioning his or her mind to determine how i can achieve inner peace and happiness within this lifetime?

world peace always begins within.

temple-from-behind-wallManjushri Centre Temple, England

Jul 18 2009

photo contest

Well, actually it is a t-shirt contest but it STARTS with a photo contest!


So here it is…….

I am creating a t-shirt for sale to help brand my website-blog and october art reception and fall show!

The t-shirt will have a phrase on the front, enough so that it will make those who see it want to check out the back. On the back will be the winning pic and of course this link to the asian welder!

That’s where you guys come in! I want your input. So please go to the flickr link http://tinyurl.com/l88u9d titleded “photo contest”. Check out the 12 pics and select your fave! Leave a comment on your favorite picture or the one you feel would be most appropriate for my t-shirt, if you don’t have a flickr account or yahoo account return your vote here under comments or DM me on twitter! Include your name and e-mail address so I can contact you if you win. The winner will be selected at random from everyone who chose that picture. We’ll deal with the size, mailing address, etc. later.

Remember, here is what I am looking for!

  • I want a super cool t-shirt that people WILL wear!
  • A t-shirt that will appeal to ALL genders
  • People will ask where to get one!

Domo arigato

Your humble Asian Welder