Jun 10 2009

Landfill Art Project

Landfillart is an international art effort encompassing one-thousand-forty-one (1,041) artists creating “fine art” centered around a single dicarded, recycled hubcap.

i was approached by the founder, ken marquis, back in the beginning of april to participate in this project and i acknowledged with a resounding, yes!  what an opportunity to be a part of a project of this scale not to mention the creative challenge involved in the project’s mission.

i have wanted to start a blog to allow others to see and follow my process in all facets of my works; creative, physical, mental, financial including all the joys & frustrations that are an integral part in the daily life of a professional arist.   the semi anonymity that is blogging will allow me the freedom to overcome my introversion, let down my guard and put forth my reality.

the somewhat serendipitous timing of both projects seemed to powerful to ignore.  “go forth Asian Welder!”


my hubcap arrived on earth day, april 22, 2009.  it was truly “love at first sight!”  it is a buick hubcap in pristine condition, a seemingly unavoidable iconsistency with the corporation and the modern automobile industry in general.  the hubcap seemed to revel in its glorious past and give itself to me knowing i would in some way respect and preserve its life stories.

add my little treasure of a child’s school room chair, this chair was part of a collection i once had for an installation of 35, it will now belong to a greater purpose instead of as my foot stool or door jam. now to stand back, have a look, my mind wraps around this thought: “On The Backs of our Children”


this is how my interpretation started to work within this project.  since the economic bailout of many institutions, including the “big three auto makers” in the US, i have been wondering how this financial “landfill” will ultimately benefit the people of america? in my mind it keeps coming back to our children…and their children.  it will be upon their hard work and resources to ante up and pay for some of the mistakes of my generation.  ok, enough rambling, you get it. check back to watch my progress and www.landfillart.org and see what other artists are doing and perhaps get involved yourself!

now to bring these two treasures together to form a union of my statement….there is no criteria to meet, other than “create fine art”.

sent:June 6, 2009 11:10:12 AM MST

Hi Hazel,

What creativity !  “On Our Children’s Backs”  is fantastic !  Talk about re-cycling and re-purposing !   Thank you so much for creating great art for the Landfillart Project.  Monday I will have your art photographed and it should be on our website by Wednesday.
I will continue to keep you informed as to our progress.
A sincere “Thank You’,

Jun 1 2009

Landfill Art Project


“On Our Children’s Backs”

on-our-childrens-backs i decided to add some commentary on the back of the hubcap… on-our-childrens-backs22 the piece shipped today and it is quite different than the artists who have submitted. please go to the side bar under blogroll and check other artists works on their website. to participate in this project and not make my own personal statement on how i feel about the cost of our environment towards the generations that will endure and pay for my generation’ mistakes, was near to impossible for me!  being a mother and youth advocate i could not be silent.

the hubcap was tac welded onto the back of the metal chair and then one small screw w/japanese coin used as a washer added for strength and integrity to upper back brace. i painted the chair a flat black because i did not want it to distract the eye from the shiny hubcap and i wanted the chair to be somewhat of its own symbol. the back of the hubcap was screaming for commentary so it seemed natural…to me!