There is NO Place Like H(om)e

I am NOT in kansas (tucson) anymore!  there truly is no place like home, but the journey has been quite wonderful and full of pleasant surprises! (photo is in White Sulphur Springs, Montana)


day 26

heading north, almost into Canada, eh. long day of driving many hills and windy roads. along the way….espresso teepee!

espresso-tppassed thru Blackfoot Indian res…

drink-and-drive-signaround a bend heading towards Glacier Park…

ponycamping just outside the park in a KOA. some of these RV’s here are gigantic! i mean huge…bigger than my home and they pull trucks bigger than our airstream! i still dig the simplicity and modern feel to my metal bombshell!


day 27

going to head into the park and see “true ART”!  notice the bananas, they were used as weights to hold the map down. the winds here can get fierce! there was a fire in 2003 and then again in 2006. i can only imagine how quickly fire spreads in conditions with these cross winds!

glacier-mapthere are just too many photo’s to put into this blog so hopefully i will do mother nature justice!

glacier-waterfall6one of the many waterfalls. this next pic is a spot they call “Goose Island”.

goose-island2because the weather turned out to be so fine, there were many tourists inside the park. wildlife seemed to be scarce but we did see a grizzly crossing the street approx. 100 yards away. when you read these signs DO take heed. that bear was huge from a distance and travelled at great speed!

grizzly-sign2 the color of the water in the lakes and streams are very grayish due to glacial melt.


day 28

breakfast in a “youthful” cafe! everyone employed there was on a summer gig! so nice to see such beautiful young faces in the morning! loved the ambiance and the food! outside the park in St. Marys, Montana.

cafe-menuone last pic in the park was a tunnel cut into the mountain for cars to drive thru, here is team “Pyranha” kayakers on their way thru the park i assume to short cut to Kalispell.


taking the Lewis and Clark Trail heading south…finally. we reached the furthest northern point…”Camp Disappointment”?

camp-disappointment here we are in Fort Benton, Montana. i love the fact that this small town keeps it history and heritage alive. along the Missouri river they had a marvelous park to sit under huge cottonwood tree’s and eat lunch, as well as some trivia…

fort-bentonalong the missouri river, a bronze sculpture memorial to George Montgomery.

missouri-riverseven hours on the road…hunkering down in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. windy is an understatement! and when there is NO wind there are large and numerous hungry mosquitos! poor lance my baby was crying outside the airstream, but i thought he just wanted to come inside cause, well, he’s spoiled and wants to be with momma, but no the little critter was being eaten alive by those nasty blood sucking insects! Buddha, i had to wipe him clean thus killing again! tho it was truly love/compassion for him…see how he loves the creeks in montana!


day 29

breakfast at a truck stop cafe….literally!


truck-stop-cafe2montana is an incredibly beautiful state! i have never fully appreciated how small towns and country side make our country what our country is about!  typical scene along our route thru montana…i sit and wonder whom lived or worked here? how long ago was this built? whom cared for the animals and built this barn?

montana-barnentering Livingston, Montana. history again pervades every space in sight. from the old retro signs to a powerfully moving installation along the main street park, situated next to the river.

hotel-sign3i was not sure if these were soldiers from just montana, but when i came upon it i was humbled and reminded of my freedoms.


famous entry into “jellystone” Yellowstone Park! the roosevelt arch…again, there was so much to take in i cannot do it justice with photos,  plus my memory as a child was so far off! it’s been a long time and thee only thing i remembered was the petrified tree? nothing like this….

bison4and the views of the Teton Mountains were staggering! have decided i will climb it in two years…52 yrs old!

teton-mtns7it looks like i will need to get these skinny sticks in shape! hopefully two years is enough time? we stayed the night in Hobart Junction, Wyoming. gotta say, KOA’s are highly overrated. we have found that although it is nice to reserve a spot w/them we have always been disappointed in what they advertise. great for small children and large families and tents…but for trailers we’ve found that the ones where we stayed spontaneously were the best! the only endearing quality i found in Jackson, Wyoming was this sign! why do people choose to live there?


day 30

breakfast in Alpine Junction, a cafe that was beyond patriotic! everything inside was red, white and blue! every home along the way was gearing up for the 4th of july…mowing lawns, putting out flags in every nook and cranny..small town after another stretched along highway 89. here is one town quite proud of its main street!, idaho! historical site….designed by Brigham Young’s son! and it’s in Idaho?

parisidahospending the night in Bear Lake…KOA! my gosh, its crazy here…kids all hyped up and families with barbies going…it’s like a circus! weather is turning, skies are gray…

venus-at-bear-lakemy dear venus. fourteen yrs old and two strokes a month ago…she is loving life and this trip, getting her toes wet, chasing gulls and watching her team mate swimming after a tennis ball in the lake! tomorrow…Preston, Idaho to visit “Napolean Dynamite”s hometown! we needed something lighthearted to end our road trip of visual saturation.

day 31

preston, idaho!! a very proud state! they might not “litter” but most signs by the highway are full of bullet holes! fairly good aims too!


home to the making of sundance movie, “napolean dynamite”.  not a movie i “got” on first preview, but after seeing it a second time i understood. the characters in the movie are my perception as well coming from this rural town. we spent two hours driving around finding the locations of the film as well as meeting the people. sad to say the “chamber of commerce” no longer exists due to economy, defunct, as the town people called it. little remains of the cult movie. no more parades or festivals. no signs, no memorabilia, no tourism….the town has been hit hard with the fall of our economy. whether you know the movie or not you can see in some of the pics the subtle decay..

napoleans-house2napolean’s house!


holy-grailactual tether pole filmed in the movie sans tire at base! pedro’s house has not diminished however “summer wheatley’s” looked abandoned at first glance, compared to the film…

summer-wheatleypreston-sign2leaving this community somehow made me a little sad. no where could i purchase even a T shirt of “vote for pedro”.  heading to our camp in fillmore, idaho. the last time we stayed here (5 yrs ago?) it was serene with only one other camper in site! looking forward to some space after bear lake!

campsite-in-fillmore3not exactly my definition of serenity….8 quads parked next to us! wondering how many carry firearms?


day 32

unsure of whether we will take the long route home via “painted desert/petrified forest national park” or west route towards jerome, a small artist community/old mining town, i have not been to since youth.

desert-portraitas karma would have it….five minutes before this there was NO cell service. our journey home is very clear…

airstream-blowoutgrateful i had been paying AAA for years w/o the need of their service to finally reap its reward and as far as i’m concerned paid for itself!! thank you dakota! all of 19 yrs of age, he rocks in kindness and efficiency. even tho the utah sheriff drove by us w/o stopping one civilian did and said if we didn’t get fixed we were welcome to come party the 4th of july at his abode.

dakota2two hours total in 95+ weather, but safe, with only cosmetic damage to the trailer. we’re heading the straightest route home now which means a full circle is complete. we camp in waputki crater, national park as we did the first night of this journey!


day 33

107 degress going thru phoenix, which now takes a full 45 minutes to drive thru on the freeway with little traffic! as i look around at the sites along interstate 10 i realize how much i have grown away from the desert and its beauty. my body slowly adjusts to this heat, yet i find comfort in familiarity. my thoughts drift to the coolness of water…