Road Trip 2009

day 1

took off around 9am, june 3rd, arrived into wupatki sunset crater national park by 4pm parked!  i cannot believe how wonderful life feels right about now…incense burning in the airstream, typing by battery light, no internet all day, windows open.   waputki-with-venus1 it’s 8:15pm now temp feels like 60′s, just outside of flagstaff, AZ. ordervilleday 2

outside of Kanab there is a treasure shop of rocks and recycled glass. Utah has some amazing recycled glass!

rocksi bought one rose quartz, approx. 24 lbs, a sky blue recycled glass weighing approx. 28lbs and a small milk white recycled glass w/green glass melted on one side!  glass-rocksi love this cool aqua recycled glass! it reminds me of water…i have been to this rock shop twice before and it has never failed me. i cannot wait to see how these will influence some new works!  

day 3


spent on the wide open road, going thru nevada… wide-open-road  



going through small towns and cities that feel like stepping back in time. lance-reflection very long, narrow and windy roads today! venus was digging the slow drive, enough to take in sights and smells!  venus-smellin the hilight of the day was seeing the top of Mt. Shasta! mount-shasta arrived in Otter Bar…our kayaking adventure begins…

days 5 through 11

sunday june 7th to june 13, spent “living in a trailer down by the river” (chris farley)!  actually truth is we parked our airstream and stayed in total cabin luxury! dogs too! venus and lance had full range of the property and 3 ponds with enough frogs to keep them busy the entire week! i had great difficulty getting my combat roll due to throwing my back out!! but i still paddled, did not swim once, but also stayed out of the challenging runs till i get the back healed for paddling next week in montana.

here are the kayak instructors and the chef is in there too!

kayak-boys21group pic taken from above…convening before heading downstream! on the upper klamath we saw five otters this day, about 20-30 turtles, many falcons and one bald eagle!  MOTHER NATURE RULES!

group“cool runnings”

1. Tiki – “Always on my Mind”

2. Pacific Heights – In a Quiet Storm

3. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Boondigga

4. The Black Seeds – Love is a Radiation

5. Dave Dobyn – Perfect Gentleman

6. The Motels – Total Control

7. Dance Exponents – Victoria

8. Split enz – I Got You

just some of the fine music we listened to from Ben, a new zealander.

day 11

left otter bar (sadly) and heading toward the oregon coast and redwoods national forest!  stayed outside of arcata,california. 

day 12


went thru redwoods -


saw paul bunyan -


went thru bend, oregon and are camping in burns, oregon. being eaten alive by mosquitos! oh Buddha, out of compassion for my mate and his welts i did kill some.

day 13


McCall, Idaho..very swanky little town! reminds me of a smaller version of aspen and or telluride , my perception of yuppified ski town! even the KOA we parked in had an upscale gym, jacuzzi and other amenities! AND they came by in the morning and picked up our trash in front of our trailer by 10am!! how cool is that!? reminds me of Barcelona…2005 i went for a six week sojourn and rented a little apartment in the Born barrio. the city has door step garbage pick up! so civilized and clean! 

day 14

drove to missoula, montana. my newest favorite city! cannot say enough about how hip, laid back, friendly, cultural…just falling in love with this city! here is a pic in a popular hangout called “IronHorse” where all the locals come to gather thruought the day and evenings. had decided i would wear  Hazel’s T @DooneyStudio  because weather permitted and seemed like a great spot for people watching and sussing!

hazel-dooneywas kinda taken aback when Hazel posted on her blog and received some negative remarks in regards to me wearing it in public? isn’t this 2009, tho from an anonymous person whom missed the point of marketing ART!  Twas all because of the front of the T read in bold P O R N O.  the idea was to get people to look on the back to see what it represented!

day 15

spent the day hanging in missoula, got the pathfinder serviced and met with the tarkio crew!

hank-and-boys2great kayakers! from left shawn, willie kerns, my mate (hank) and land heflin.

day 16 – 20

 in Three Rivers camp. 

3-rivers-at-nite2rain, rain, and more rain! i came so unprepared for this weather i did very little kayaking! but blissful all the same hanging in the airstream reading “Sitting Practice” and studying Dharma!

kayaked selway river for an easy “get your feet wet” kinda action. unlike at Otter Bar the river, california’s salmon river is very small. the selway river flows into the lochsa and it is huge volume for me! i feel like a small fish in this kayak and being a small person makes these waves like being in an ocean. the Three Rivers camp site is completely full with rafters and fishing people and kayakers. the last time i camped here there was only one other camper and it was so serene, i had no idea this time of year this park got so crowded. we are literally three feet from our neighbor, many dogs here as well, raining off and on, mud is everywhere….not sure if this is my scene!

here’s a picture of the camp site with all the people gone during the day (which is sooo nice and quiet! finally can hear the river without the drunken party goers)


day 20 – 25

back in missoula,montana! chillaxin and hanging with friends! Dr. Dave Guth and his wife Pamela. this monument and memorial is in dedication to his son, Brennan. down below this park is a river, Clark Fork, in which they created a man made wave for kayakers dedicated to Brennan and his love for the sport and what he brought to this community! it is a magnificent site!

dave-and-pamelaso much happenings here in missoula! walked about and came accross some muscians in an alley performing while young artists displayed their “large” works for sale. 

performerswent to the missoula art museum and saw some amazing art! with a population of approx. 100,000 they seem to exceed my home town of 1 million in talent! even in the alley the youth put out some very interesting works…@49.95!

street-art2tomorrow we leave this beautiful city! heading further north to Glacier Park! will start a new page for these last 10 days of the journey….ooohh, one last pic, the farmers market in missoula. it’s a must! puts our 4th ave. street fair to shame.

market2more to come….new entries will be posted under “Road Trip 2009″, “There’s No Place Like Home”…