this is not an easy task for someone whom thinks/speaks in fragments, to establish a blog and then write “about” oneself.

when i realized i wanted to push my limitations and start writing or communicating what i do, how, and why, it suddenly became overwhelming. i have been sitting on this page for a month now…just begin.

there was another title to this blog by the way: The Buddhist Alchemist

yep, i was seriously thinking it was a great title when i started to explain it to my mate he laughed and said “there is no way i’d look at this site if someone told me about it!” i suddenly realized that he was right, it was too heavy, too esoteric, too bad so sad.

i have been welding for over a dozen years, and everyday i go into my shop i am awakened to energy, space and this life.  that is where the alchemy comes in, the transformation of metal into liquid and then again transformed into what you see before you.  the only thing i can compare welding to is meditation. when the hood goes down, all that exists is the moment and the bead of metal liquid as you pull it along your line.  it is a journey within.

i work mainly with metals, stainless steel, carbon steel and bronze. my form of welding is tig, which for me is clean and precise.  i also work with recycled glass and boulders, it’s funny how unforgiving these materials can be. i hope this doesn’t reveal something about my character, i’d like to think its karma, showing me to be patient in this life, forgiving of rigidity and how the coldness of this element can reflect and represent forms of heat, air and etheral spaces.

my hopes here in this blog is to educate, ramble and discuss how i work, why i choose the elements i work with on a particular project and show you from the birth of an idea to the work itself and to the transformation it takes over weeks and months.

i am a mother and wife devoted to my spiritual path with Buddha.  blessings to all who meander thru this site.



(please check out my works under page heading “Josei” or to the right side of this page under “fotografias”)