Dec 10 2011

Conventional and Ultimate Truths

lava~palm trunk

whatever exists is either a conventional truth or an ultimate truth, and since ultimate truth refers just to emptiness, everything except emptiness is a conventional truth.  For example, things such as houses, cars and tables are all conventional truths. Although conventional truths are false objects, nevertheless they actually exist because a mind directly perceiving a conventional truth is a valid mind, a completely reliable mind. Emptiness is not a separate reality existing behind conventional appearances, but is the real nature of those appearances. (even Albert Einstein knew this!)  when one has time…it is quite a fascinating video and story!  to achieve death and have your wisdom eye opened to reveal ultimate truth!  i’ll never forget Steve Jobs last words….”oh wow, oh wow…”  or Manjushri whom giggled with delighted surprise…that is my goal…to achieve a joyful death with family present with love in their hearts, peace within their minds and of courseyes, as with all ordinary humans we will be sad and grieve at random and in different ways it is the path of human nature to suffer….until we realize the truth….we’re all interconnected, we’re all impermanent, we all die and nothing exists independently from anything.  

so put your hate, anger and divisive speech aside and put on your thinking caps, open your hearts and minds and shift your views towards a world that is created by nothing but loving kindness…i begin a 4 -5 week retreat in mantra counting (110,000) to be exact.  it is very structured and goes from morning to sundown, a preparation to become truth, recycled back into the earths elements, to let go in retreat with my guru at my heart.  

Hospice comes next week to discuss my options to keep me comfortable. 

i pray for peace of mind and i pray for you….

Dec 4 2011

Tis the season of giving…

hazel and hank on the beach in kona, hawaii…week of thanksgiving.