getting on with life!

kuzu is calling me back to get my hands dirty, cut, burned and fit.  my mate and family beckons me to spend more time in closeness and quality.  my spiritual path gently holds me upright and at peace however the urgency to pursue more in my meditation practice is paramount!  time like change is constant. if you would like to hear more from hazel…

the asian welder will post her newest works as they are born here and will hold a showing in march for our 4th anniversary!  

special thanks to the “fan of The Four Noble Truths” whom sends me fresh flowers every other week!!  i love my fresh flowers and i love you whomever you are….hazel.


7 Responses to “getting on with life!”

  • Deb Richards Says:

    Love your smiling face; love your posts. My heart travels the miles to sit next to yours, even though yours is so full of life and love.

  • lulu Says:

    this picture makes me feel warm inside. you have such a great smile momma! harrison and i are sooooo looking forward to you and hank being in our part of the world! and then before you know it, we’ll be in yours :) love you so so so desu ne

  • Mahala Says:

    Hello beautiful!
    Just want you to know I’m walking beside you, and bowing at the richness of your life and practice.
    Much love ~ Mahala

  • Chris Arts Says:

    It’s wonderful to see your smiling face! You are always in my thoughts.

    Love – Chris

  • Diana Yakowitz Says:

    On my way home to Tucson! Hope to see you soon after arriving!

  • Stella Says:

    It is wonderful to hear your voice again. A living voice — instead of the muffled sounds during your chemo. I am so thrilled that you had a wonderful trip to Portland, your family embraces you, and that your creative energy is glowing.

    Love from Philadelphia.


  • Klaus Says:

    A warm hello to you from way south. I love your ear rings!

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