attachments…who cares!

back porch w/lance

went pro active in shaving the head!  truthfully i could not take the itching of the scalp and my head would heat up like a fire ball!  chemo has some definite strange affects!!

positive note:

never felt more alive!

more present in the moment(s)

acceptance/peaceful mind with relation to this journey

my compassion continues to grow…



11 Responses to “attachments…who cares!”

  • jojo Says:

    chemo sucks!

  • Diana Yakowitz Says:

    Now we are twins like salt and pepper! I just shaved too. Looking forward to seeing you end of October probably. Glad you feel very alive!

  • Deb Richards Says:

    thought of you yesterday as I awoke in recovery from a very minor surgery, wondering how you felt awaking after your much more intense and complicated one. truth is, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you many times.

    glad I will be in Tucson soon to be able to be with you….

    much love, Deb

  • Diana Yakowitz Says:

    I just noticed the glasses! Now you need the hat (to shade from the light above) and an ipod for music and cool podcasts!

  • Erin Resnick Says:

    Hi Hazel,
    Looks like Lance is keeping his eye on you. Dogs are good that way.
    My sis couldn’t stand the scalp irritation either. She had her kids and husband stand around her outside, they each massaged her scalp and slowly pulled out (her already falling out) hair. After that, her hubby shaved her head. It was kind of symbolic to her…she said she was just like G.I. Jane, a fighter :) You still look beautiful! You are an inspiration!

  • Elizabeth Says:

    I just caught up with your blog. Wonderful writing and photos – and most of all, YOU. Keep it up Hazel.

  • Klaus Says:

    Dear Hazel, so good to see you! You look absolutely wonderful.

  • Mariko burton Says:

    You look like a little Buddhist nun with your head shaved and that maroon blanket which looks like a robe! I love you!

  • Arni J.M. Says:

    Hello Hazel.

    I came upon a comment from you when I was browsing through some old shots on flickr… so I visited your stream after a long absence and found out about your battle.

    How utterly unfair & harsh, to say the least. I sincerely hope and trust that the treatment delivers you to calmer seas and onwards to your robust self as soon as possible. Furthermore I hope you’re doing ok despite the (undoubtably taxing) circumstances.

    Best wishes,


  • Kristina Torres Says:


    One of the many hair styles you wear so well! Your smile, your smile, the best accessory anyone could ever wear. Thank you for sharing it with us. Love you!

  • Barbara Says:

    I truly admire you! You are a courageous woman and an inspiration to all of us!

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