ALL systems GO!


having gained 6 lbs back now, my suitcase is packed half with foods of high protein and caloric intake!  a Buddhist retreat provides three wonderful vegetarian meals however my metabolism cannot exist long or keep my weight on without cheating!  i leave tomorrow morning for England at 4amish…i cannot believe it is already 7 weeks since my diagnosis and 6 weeks since major surgery!?  i feel great, my strength has improved immensely and i am so ready to get my head into the game now!  

i thank you ALL for providing me with such love, strength, courage, kind words, gifts, food…. Pei Ling, Tracy, Tamra, Gen Lingpur, Laurel, Mariko, Wes, Kimie, Walter, Pamela, Diane, Diana, George,Leah, Mike, Kathy, Mick, Walter, Brad, Lita, Mauri, Shannon, Cyd, Lisa, Kimi, Jeff, Mark, Adele, Cynthia, Marty, Gamo, Mersadies, Andrea, MaryClare, Gabriela, Dave, Land, Erica, Willie, Cheryl, Cindy, Tara, JoJo, Kit, Nancy, Carol, Debbie, Erin, Bill, Klaus, Sabina, Sarah, Chuck, Diana, Betsy, Ann, Christine, David, Debby, Gil, Joy, Frank, Terry, Liz, Tom, Katt, Don, Bob, Marlin, Jacquie, Chris, Amy, Diane, Michelle, Bodhipaksa, Cameron, Connie, Deb, Barbara, Kassie, Sean, Shanti, Stella, Kristina, Jen, Steve, Harrison, Roger, Phil…….random order due to memory and i know i have forgotten many others…i will not be back here for a few weeks.  i arrive back in tucson on saturday, August 6th, that monday i will undergo a “PETscan” and the next day i start my chemo, i’m told it’s  one treatment at the oncology clinic and then self administering through a pump over 48 hours, to be continued every two weeks over six months.

live happy and conscientiously!






16 Responses to “ALL systems GO!”

  • pei ling Says:

    Hi Hazel, you look great! I am glad that your health is improving. Have an enjoyable trip.
    Sending you love n kisses from the far-east.
    Peace n joy.

  • Erin Resnick Says:

    You look beautiful Hazel! Have a wonderful time. I can’t wait to read about your experience. May you find more inner peace & strength with this journey. I need to visit you when you are home, I have a gift for you. My life has been so busy with these little girls….I’m embracing every moment with them :) Love you my friend, be safe.

  • Michelle Waletitsch Says:

    Great news, Hazel!! You look beautiful. Lots of love and blessings to you and Marty on your retreat!

    Love, Michelle

  • Kassie Says:

    You look and sound so beautiful! It’s wonderful that you’re on your way to 3 weeks of rejuvenation and community and healing! This post made my whole day.

  • Diana Yakowitz Says:

    Peace and contentment be with you!

    You look great and glad you are in a great mood!

  • Barb Harris Says:

    You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I wish you a wonderful journey. All the best.

  • lulu Says:

    the most beautiful mom in the world. i love you!

  • Deb Richards Says:

    Namaste and blessings across the pond. May the retreat bring you more peace and health than you dream to hope for. I echo the sentiments of the previous commenters who say you look beautiful!!!
    much love, Deb

  • Chris Arts Says:

    You’re looking great! Have a wonderful trip and I know great things will happen for you!

  • Chuck Tofu Says:

    You look great and it sounds like you are rockin’
    Miss you on flickr, have a great trip, and all the very best to you.

  • Diana Yakowitz Says:

    forgot to add above that I love those earrings on you!!

  • saBEE Says:

    What a beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing the delightful news on your progress. Go, Hazel, go!!

  • Diane Says:

    so happy to see you looking and sounding so good, Hazel.

  • jojo Says:

    come home asian welder….

  • Stella Says:

    Dearest Hazel,

    I hear your heart in my ears.

    Be restful my friend.

    ( So happy to see energy in your eyes. I see now that you should be home from your travels and about to start another treatment.)

  • Betsy Henschel Says:

    Think about you often, Harrison and Laurel keep me posted. Hope your trip was wonderful, all, and more, than you expected. Good luck on your next journey! Perhaps we will make it to Tucson to finally meet you!

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