Apr 8 2011

Immigration or Im migration

Toole Shed, Tucson, 6th street (artist unknown)

A call to artists living in Arizona!! please read the following….


Here is a link that inspired this project: http://www.youtube.com/user/buddhagirlAZ?feature=mhum#p/a/f/0/M5MEC5MPjvg


Immigration in our state is a real issue…I am quite passionate about how our state and country “see’s” or perceives this phenomena.  To think about changing our laws to reflect children born in the US w/o documented parents as “illegal” or unconstitutional is a regression of humanity.  Our country was and is created by a diversity unlike anywhere in the world it is how America became the country it is today. Through the kindness of others we are who we are and who we become.

My mother emigrated from Japan and did not become a “legal” citizen until 1959; two years after my brother was born…in essence she and my brother would’ve been deported!

What I want to accomplish is to portray our state and that of Tucson and the artists of this city how a community of diversity “looks”, how we as a people are one.  Many cultures, faiths, races…thru the faces of child/parent we are humanity. No difference except beaurocracy and presentation…no being has the right to distinguish whom is legitimate by birth.

This is a first call to find interested artists in participating by means of allowing me to photograph you (born in the states) and your parent (whom was born in another country), or vice versa, you were born in another country and your parent was born here. If your parent is deceased we can use an existing photo. You will have to sign a release for both photographs so that we may produce these in large formats to paste onto walls, buildings or wherever we get permission. The portraits will be pasted side by side with name/country of birth. I have one wall but we need many to make an impact! If you have a friend who has a business or building or home with public visual access please ASK!

I am in the process of contacting this artist you just viewed. Here is his project website: http://www.insideoutproject.net/ My hopes are that he will jump on board to help make this a global project and if not we’ll make it happen on our own! I have access to video equipment and people whom can help document but if you know others have them jump on board.  This is a project that must be shared!

I have a warehouse/gallery I own and fabricate out of. I play in sculpture, mixed media, photography, installations and video. Please feel free to call me at 520-624-7290 or email.

Urban art is the best method for public awareness…if you have skills in this area please do not hesitate to chime in!


I look forward to working with you!


my belief is that no being has the right to distinguish whom is legitimate

at birth by country, race, faith, wealth, blood….we are all humanity and

we are all the same in essence.  beings made up of borrowed materials;

earth, water, fire, space, air.