Nov 12 2010


a solo exhibit in sculpture, 2D mixed media, photography and

an experience of light, shadow, illusion, impermanence and

musings of our human bodies as vessels in this life…an offering

to plant a seed of contemplation.

20% of all sales benefit Tara Mahayana Buddhist Center

presents:  HAZEL COLDITZ

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Reception 6 – 9pm

Nov 5 2010

earth speaks…

Nov 3 2010

Je Tsongkhapa

“All-knowing Losang Drapa, King of the Dharma

Please come to this place together with your Sons.”

it is the day after our political elections in the states and countrywide it has been a show of  unparallel  views and outcomes…as a resident in the state of AZ the people have chosen the same woman whom wants to change our constitution towards illegal immigration and that of their children born in the country?  her victory comment was that “we know what’s best for Arizona”…? REALLY?!  our state is second in poverty level for the country and 46th in education, does this reflect her statement?

oh Buddha and protector of Dharma please, please come to this place together with your retinue! help me to stop grasping at self and bring peace to ALL minds whom feel scared, lost, bewildered and betrayed against the ignorance, hate and anger that is so prevalent in our state, country and worlds.

Nov 1 2010

veiw of light, shadow…illusion

view from above my top bunk, straight from my camera.

shadow of reality from a strap that held the tent anchored, only the color has been changed.

over 3,000 people attended this Buddhist retreat and teachings in Brazil. of all the possible photographs i could have taken i only took a handful…the camera sat in my pak in wait. the only time i chose to pick it up was at night within my tent amongst 7 other women from around the world. 3 from hong kong, one from brazil another from australia..

these retreats for me are like an infusion of vitality, compassion and truths to view my world with a new “eye”. it felt wrong to photograph people here opening their hearts and minds, witnessing new awakenings ought to be private and held in mind not photographed or misinterpreted by others. so the mundane world right before bed became my object of model to capture.