Oct 20 2010

om ah hum

an image of Buddha Shakyamuni, a mural my oldest daughter, mariko, finished in my backyard!  she first drew it by grid from the traditional art and then added her own style of colors to the mix!  i love how it came out!  i leave tomorrow morning for a weeks retreat in Brazil…..may everyone be happy.


Oct 16 2010

progress of work…

tig welding the outside of a new work…a gramophone of sorts (my take), to attach on top of the pipe to the left that is anchored by my old pine tree (80 yr old) stump.  the ol pine died due to parasites and drought, a sad loss in the desert.

there is still a lot of work to do. the bottom of the gramophone will be rounded more to look like petals and rolled out slightly…the pipe will have an unusual elbow attached to give direction of “voice” where earth speaks of her betrayal from humanity….

Oct 5 2010


“when we understand the true nature of things we will see that our world is like a dream, in that everything exists as a mere appearance to mind.”

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Oct 2 2010


…presence of mind.

my mind has finally come to terms that my 365 project has failed…i cannot retrieve days passed…moments lost…alas, life held too many distractions or the project itself didn’t captivate me enough to keep pace with a daily image in photographing and/or documenting it.  there is a lot of time associated with taking one image per day.  the photography end is easy for me it’s posting on the internet that cripples my flow and turns it into “obligation” .  today i post freely w/o much ado an image from last night at a favorite sushi bar…her aura is created by a passing white menu!  funny, without the truth exposed there could be many interpretations!

Oct 1 2010

One Love


One Love! One Heart!
Let’s get together and feel all right.

lyrics by Bob Marley

taken from my office window…the colors remind me of rastafari/jamaica, not a religion but a movement/way of life. tho the yelo is missing..i see the white as pure light from the sun.
“Since hatred is rife in these impure times, don the armour of patience, free from anger.”
i believe no matter what your faith, if you practice the action of love with pure motivation and intention, the world will become “one love”…we just have to place effort and believe we have the capacity…and you do!
dedicated to Tyler Clementi