Sep 6 2010

Degenerate times…


Anger: noun; a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire.

Ignorance: noun; a lack of knowledge

Attachment: noun;  a feeling that binds one to a person, thing, cause, ideal, or the like

We are ALL delusional beings!  these are the three main delusions which cause our minds to become unpeaceful and uncontrolled due to our inappropriate attention that arises from these mental factors.  from these three arise all other delusions such as jealousy, pride, wrong views, hurtful and divisive speech…to many to list.  our delusions create ALL our pain and suffering in this life we live today.

Everyday i watch and listen to the hate we are brewing in words and actions to our fellow human beings! at times i watch the television in complete amazement bewildered as to what actions people are taking based on their choices…killing in the name of a god, killing in the name of hate, killing their own people and beliefs because of wrongly held views, killing out of fear or greed..killing is by nature the most destructive action a human being can take. we are the only living beings with the capacity to change our minds therefore our views, animals do not have this capacity, and yet we act like animals lowering our existence in the name of ……? what? our faith?  our confidence or trust in someone or something? if killing is a part of this experience of this “faith” then as a human being would you not question the faith you have chosen?  is ignorance so deeply innate or learned that we have regressed to minds of animals?

sorry for this rant today, but i am so tired and deeply saddened by this hate and ignorance pervading every nook and cranny of our world we call home.  we cannot escape it…not anymore. once your eyes have “seen” the truth or your mind has become opened to the truths of reality…or just plain old LOVE how can we turn or look away?  my mind has created this world in which i now live and i call upon ALL of you who stumble upon this humble blog of fragments to reach out towards your fellow human being and express in no uncertain terms…LOVE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION..give of yourself when nobody around you cares to give, give love and give it freely w/o attachments or expectations, give your last dollar or clothing you outgrew, give words of kindness…Buddha has said there is no greater deed than to GIVE the gift of love, no greater gift than the power of love and no action greater to the opponent of hate and anger.  how and why as a race have we failed to understand the basics to living a free life in mind, body and speech?

i have no image to post with my words today…it’s like putting a title on one of my sculptures, i know people will relate to my works more readily when there is a title, because their minds can then make up a story to go along with it…but as in my sculptures i am choosing more and more to NOT title them and not put an image to this post for the mere purpose…to open your own minds! create the view you read within my words, feel them in and on your own terms, develop your own image to what “it” looks like, investigate doubt, investigate the true nature that lies within…stop blaming, judging and labeling and look within!  this takes far more courage and effort to sit in silence with self than to stand up and berate another being in words or actions. to GIVE love freely to strangers and adversaries is the truest measure of our “faith”, otherwise wouldn’t our faith be nothing more than ignorance and attachment?