Jul 31 2010

Modern Wing


taken at the new modern wing at the Art Institute of Chicago…

Jul 30 2010



taken street view of lulubelle’s school…..Paul Mitc HELL!

momma and laurel…i miss you already!  thanks for making me look so good!!

Jul 29 2010

Pilsen, Chicago


taken on my first day in Chicago, visiting my daughter lulu!  this is in her hood, pilsen.  this sits high on a wall where a restaurant used to reside…i just loved the visual almost 3D feel…

Jul 28 2010

Form…follows function?


external appearance of a clearly defined area, as distinguished from color or material

Fine Arts .
the organization, placement, or relationship of basic elements, as lines and colors in a painting or volumes and voids in a sculpture, so as to produce a coherent image; the formal structure of a work of art.
three-dimensional quality or volume, as of a represented object or anatomical part.
an object, person, or part of the human body or the appearance of any of these

Philosophy .
the structure, pattern, organization, or essential nature of anything.
structure or pattern as distinguished from matter.

–verb (used with object)
to frame (ideas, opinions, etc.) in the mind.

Jul 27 2010



One, two, three!

She got a shack
Floating down the Pontchartrain
With the water rolling in
You gotta swim
Before the levees start to crack

Another day
Another dollar down the drain
You go to town
No one’s around
Cause if you drown
There ain’t no hope for coming back

It ain’t no big thing if you lose your faith
They kinda like to keep you in your place
You never know what might be coming your way

Oh everybody
Devil take your money
Money’s got no hold on me
Oh oh everybody’s making love
cause love is free

You go to church
And pray to God for no more rain
A Cadillac
A paper sack
Well hey there Jack
You want some bourbon for the pain

Hey tambourine
Ain’t no rhythm on the street

With the voodoo
What do you do
when the radio just plays on anyway?

Those crazy fingers in your jelly jar
They’ll jack your money
While you sleep in your car
They got the karma
They ain’t getting too far

Oh everybody
Devil take your money
My money’s got no hold on me
Oh oh everybody’s making love
Cause love is free

Everybody come together
Everybody come together
Everybody come together
Everybody come together

Yeah everybody
Devil take your money
Money got no hold on me
Oh oh everybody’s making love
Cause love is free

Oh everybody
Devil take your money
Money got no hold of me
Oh oh everybody’s making love
Cause love is free

Love is free

Love is free

lyrics by Sheryl Crow

messy spot welds utilizing the wire fed welder…which i dislike cause it is sooooo messy! but the pay off is its super quick, fast and easy….taken in the shop fabricating a small “Wish Fulfilling Tree” for my Dharma center!

ya know..everyone out there in cyberspace…LOVE IS FREE! seriously, in its truest/purest form LOVE is free…its only in our “minds” that we create attachments to love. the opponent force to hate…love. get out and spread the LOVE..not war…not hate…not divisive speech.

Jul 26 2010

That’s Amore



Jul 25 2010

more to “vent”…


Jul 24 2010

Boundaries..of the human kind


Jul 23 2010

Good Morning Little World..


taken at my shop..opening the warehouse door for a morning metal delivery!  have three new pieces i am starting on and feeling motivated even in this oppressive heat lately!  one of the results of working solo is that your focus becomes some what limited, as seen below i rarely stop to “see” what’s going on and i broke for a lunch break and walked over to get some food…came back to find….my face covered in oil/grime and nobody said a word!! too funny!

Jul 22 2010

“Dog” days of summer


this is Alahambra, he works at a hot dog stand, Madre Mia’s, behind my shop! this is not your regular hot dog…it is a sonoran dog, a hot dog wrapped in bacon, with peppers, mayonnaise, tomatoes, grilled onions, beans, cheese and mustard!  mmmm good!

goes well with our home grown musical artist Linda Ronstadt…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc4LBeANZ8Y&feature=related

ENJOY… i know i did!!!