May 11 2010

You Never Give Me Your Money


You never give me your money
You only give me your funny paper
and in the middle of negotiations
you break down

I never give you my number
I only give you my situation
and in the middle of investigation
I break down

Out of college, money spent
See no future, pay no rent
All the money’s gone, nowhere to go
Any jobber got the sack
Monday morning, turning back
Yellow lorry slow, nowhere to go
But oh, that magic feeling, nowhere to go
Oh, that magic feeling
Nowhere to go

One sweet dream
Pick up the bags and get in the limousine
Soon we’ll be away from here
Step on the gas and wipe that tear away
One sweet dream came true today
Came true today
Came true today (yes it did)

One two three four five six seven,
All good children go to Heaven

this week is filled with graduations at our university! ¬†it seems like rebirth for some of these kids to start out on their first job or start their search for their first job…but what does the future hold? ¬†unemployment at an all time high, our state financially desperate and cutting education while increasing tuitions and taxes…ok, okay i know this is negative karma ripening collectively but as a society can we collectively apply an opponent force to balance? what would it look like? what would it take? what is “it”?