workin it…still stoked!

journey continues

here is the link to the previous picture when i started this (6 weeks ago)… as you can see things go at a very slow pace here. seriously, most of my works take months and there are a few that took a year or longer! as i stated in my earlier post this piece has no deadline and i am enjoying the time spent in my warehouse putzin around and feeling the direction instead of dictating how i “think” it should go. working with metal is very time consuming, at least for me, and sometimes i feel i need an immediate tangible creation…as a result i am embarking on a photography project to begin on january 26th. it will be a photo a day over exactly one year from the date! photography has always been a part of my life, documenting the growth of my two daughters (now 24/26!), keeping pictures of my works for submissions/patrons and a pastime i thoroughly enjoy. to celebrate a moment, any given moment, to freeze it and share with others….

i suspect my next entry will be my first photo for this project!

2010 thus far has been a stretch in pushing my limitations in creating…i hope you enjoy the view(s)! for a snippet…hit the link to the right titled “fotografias”.

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