Dec 30 2009

365 days…

Since you cannot tame the mind of others until you have tamed your own, begin by taming your own mind. ~ Atisha

sign on door

Om Ah Hum ~ body, speech & mind

oh Buddha, Buddha, Buddha

may 2010 be a year of mindfulness, compassion, giving and love for each and every being on this planet we call earth.

~ hazel

Dec 14 2009

Tis the season…


“If you do not practice compassion toward your enemy then toward whom can you practice it? ”  through my own daily practice i have found this to be truth and more importantly that compassion is not something that comes easily and/or naturally.  compassion is something we need to cultivate, simply put the story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a perfect analogy for everyone to understand! any human being, Buddhist and non religious or spiritual practitioners can grasp this story! when one’s mind becomes open at the same time our heart let’s go of wrong views, attachments, hate and ignorance…this is when we see and feel the truth of compassion arise within us. this is the perfect time to experience joy and this season…this IS the resaon for “tis the season”.


Dec 12 2009



1. a small citrus tree, Citrofortunella mitis, of the Philippines.
2. the small, tart, tangerinelike fruit of this tree.

limes in olive3

dedicated to the SoAZ Girl Scouts….saturday, dec. 12th ~ noonish.

limes in olive8

i was to teach or give a talk on Land Art(think andy goldsworthy), some 20 young girls would participate on the U of A campus and then they could receive their “patch” on visual arts….apparently the tour thru the campus and digital studio kept them waylaid?  yes, i waited there diligently for an hour and a half!  it was beautiful out and i decided while waiting i’d give them something tangible to understand and view up close/personal.  the citrus tree sits approx. 20 yards to the northeast of this old olive. when it became obvious they were not coming i took my photos and left…a treat for myself, the birds, joggers, students…and the mission olive tree in which it resides till earth and nature consume them.

Dec 3 2009


chillin spot2

as i sit in my new favorite spot in my shop, sipping an espresso looking out back with the warehouse door open a glorious day of sun shining and bringing the southern exposure warmth, the caffeine kicks in and i am happy to finally feel alive in a new works! i have no title and am trying not to “think” much about it other than doing what comes naturally. for the first time in a long time i have the luxury of time to take it slowly and let the process unfold. normally i am in a time crunch and it always feels forced to meet a deadline! the only other new work i have going is a commissioned piece but again NO DEADLINE!

i’m utilizing 4 X 4 inch square posts from another project (Peace Garden for a Buddhist center here in Tucson), these are the remnants and somehow it came to me to fabricate a “journey of steel”. there are a lot of influences…i saw an intriguing lucky bamboo stalk that was the catalyst, something so organic that twists and turns made from its complete contrast~ square, cold metal. an element of nature but hardly organic by nature in its form. each natural element of earth will be present within the piece but more conceptual or imputed by mind than reality.

here is the beginning…new work3