Nov 27 2009

“Salon” de Kuzu

SALON was a term that started back in the early 1700′s.  between 1748 – 1890 Salon de Paris was the greatest annual or biannual art event in the western world.  so why is it today when i named my fine art gallery/boutique Kuzu Salon that ALL i get are inquiries into if this is a hair or beauty salon? my guess is that the art world here in tucson, AZ is not familiar with the term, when i list events in our local publication they get so confused, no matter how many times i tell them they cannot grasp it! most listings end up reading “Kuzu Salon Gallery Boutique and Store”….a tad frustrating, but i suppose they are just trying to cover their be sure? at any rate here is our next event coming up!


i am pretty thrilled to have this couple coming to Kuzu! she is renowned for her scientific paintings in true details and colors…not to mention huge portrayals! if you are in the area please stop by to see this unique free event for the family! part of our sales through Kuzu’s gallery and Project Insect’s book sales will go back to our community to the Tucson’s Childrens Museum. if you can’t attend check out the artists website at

Tucson Children’s Museum will also be present on Friday afternoon!

another new site i have stumbled upon for engaging kids of all size (ages!) is

two great ways to get yourself and others motivated to create and learn about your own environ.

side note: after this event we will no longer be using Salon…just listing under Kuzu!

Nov 21 2009


“I don’t think that art comes from art. A lot of artists apparently think so. I think it comes from the awakening person…Everything tends toward awakening, and I would rather use the word awakening than a word derived from some system – because there are many systems.”

end of day2

i took this photo “at the end of the day” upon coming h(om)e from work…such a natural sculpture of beauty and art. there are days in my shop i struggle in ways to finish a piece or to see what i am trying to convey within the piece…these are the moments i remember his words…

Nov 10 2009

passages of time…


with each fall of the bamboo dear chaser filled with water the granite basin will gently flow over the sides taking the natural beauty of the periwinkles down back into earth to recycle….death brings birth and the same is true in reverse. every breath we take a cell dies to a birth of a new one. nothing lasts forever…only the moment we are fully present with.

Nov 5 2009

Age of Aquarius

Aquarius traditionally “rules” electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealists, modernization, rebels and rebellion, mental diseases, nervous disorders, and astrology. Other keywords and ideas believed associated with Aquarius are nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, mankind and irresolution.

being born into this life, in the late month of  january, i fall into this category as an “aquarian”.  as a practicing Buddhist i look at this information and try not to read to much into what “i” rule or ideas i am believed to be associated with.  though if truth be told….veracity is one i definately would own. mankind, freedom, democracy and humanitarianism are also ideas or words i do truly fight for in nature.

turning a half century this year (2010) seemed appropriate to name my Fall show “the age of aquarius”!  if ALL phenomena does not inherently exist than i myself am just an imputation of mind. all these trappings of what “i” am are mere human graspings to label a person to identify and relate to. i get it. but as a human on this planet we need to be able to relate to each other and share our stories in life to learn by, to guide, to enrich, to love and to have compassion for one another. my arrival as an aquarian speaks thru my new works…

aquarian 5

“flowers in my yard”

2009 recycled metals, copper, film, cactus headdress  3′ X 9′ X 3′

indoor sculpture or outdoor?  as an outdoor piece i had a friend tell me how wonderful it would be to plant…in the ground..piled high inside with dirt and then sprinkled with wild flower seeds and let nature take its course and watch this aquarian woman grow into the earth and the flowers and vines grow in and through her.  what a beautiful visual i had not thought of but one which i now cannot let go of!  to create a work that lives in its inviron. and takes on its own life over months and years to reveal an illusion of what and where it once came from.