Sep 30 2009


noun: a settlement of differences by mutual concessions;


compromise was one of my first works, back in 1999. i was working out of my carport, raising my two teen daughters solo, welding and fabricating functional gates, doors, arbors….to make ends meet and wondering how long i would have to “compromise” myself in this life i’d chosen. there were other challenges as well going on in my personal life and i had to come to terms and make a choice balanced by truth, heart and mind. this piece is a result of how i felt inside being pulled apart, hanging on to my life knowing that the consequence of my choice(s) would effect my daughters.

in the end the earth kept me upright, truths were revealed and the heart always knew.  i traded this piece with another artist for a large oil painting of “geisha” lips!  it resides in my youngest daughters nest in chicago.

Sep 27 2009


just when i thought i had something to say….i go and look “it” up…

Sep 26 2009

east meets west

east meets west

living in the desert has always provided a unique view of natural beauty.  i have lived most of my life in this desert. growing up here there were no roads that came up to where this picture was taken let alone a house with neighbors! east meets west is situated on the western edge of a property where it drops down to a small valley below, in the monsoon season water rushes through like a mini river to cleanse and satiate the needs of living creatures. the bamboo’s are made of iron, stainless and galvanized steel. some will rust quickly, others will turn over age but the galvanized and stainless will remain unmarred by time.

living in the desert requires more thought as to what a resident can plant in their yards due to water issues and conservation.  today as i type this the morning newspaper read that in the week we will hit record highs to reach 105, AND this is the end of september where most other states are enjoying the fall season and the magic of mother natures colorful palette. someday i hope to live near water and experience the other side…until then i do what i can, fabricate “bamboo’s” to coexist in the environ.  a perfect fit here in the desert! they do not need watering, they add an element of mystery (confusion to the wildlife …and some humans) and sculpturally add a new dimension to the existence of the natural saguaro’s and their skeletons.

bamboo rack green3black bamboo  2008

my eastern influence or karma has me fascinated with bamboo’s. i love their natural beauty, tall, graceful, elegant in form yet strength unmatched by most tree’s. i have been a huge fan of bamboo farming way before it became the new “organic” building material used today. my only way to honor this magnificent species is to try in my humblest attempts upon nature to fabricate them with love and educate westerners.

Sep 24 2009

Mother of the Conquerors

Green Tara

Tara is a female Buddha, a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas.  Tara means “Rescuer”. Since she is a wisdom Buddha, and since she is a manifestation of the completely purified wind element, Tara is able to help us very quickly.

winds of tara horizontal

winds of Tara 2009   stainless steel, recycled turbine, carbon steel, neon.  (turbine swirls)

i have made a habit of repeating her mantra when i travel by stella!



OM Homage to Tara, the Swift One, the Heroine,

Whose eyes are like a flash of lightening,

Who arose from the opening of a lotus,

Born from the tears of the Protector of the Three Worlds.

Sep 23 2009

Tucson Moon(s)

moon view of city

natural granite boulder from Arizona, formed concrete with rebar framework, iron inlay to rust naturally over time to bleed down the “waves” to earth.  fabricated in 2006 and installed at a private residence atop a hill called “bonnie doone” (for those in the know it’s from an Australian movie called “The Castle”…a must see).  with the tucson sun this large substantial piece absorbs a whole lot of radiant/direct heat thru out the day, so in the evenings one can sit up against it for warmth or a natural massage. an excellent view of the city with perfect motivation for yoga or meditation.

view front of tucson moon

this is the front side with the sliver of an iron moon inlay within the granite moon. this is the area in which it first settled into it’s environ. flagstone and plantings with lighting were added to complete the landscape.

Sep 22 2009




concrete with rebar framework and styrofoam, stainless steel square, green stain, four foot diameter with the “window” fifteen inches…prototype for a park project that never materialized but have had a few commissions making windows for patrons.

window at dusk

i love working with concrete and metal due to it’s bomber qualities but also because of it’s natural qualities in the process.  concrete pours remind me of chemistry class mixing, curing and never knowing the outcome! i have always wanted to do various sizes with some laying horizontal for tree’s to grow up through the “window”,  people can sit with their backs against the tree’s and read, watch children play or meditate!

with most of my sculptures i place lighting for the effect of illusion of day and night.  the different entities always fascinates me and how shadows can create mystery just like the analogy in music when the silence between the notes are the beauty.

window at night

Sep 21 2009

International Day of PEACE

begins within our own mind… the human responsibility to PEACE in this dynamic and degenerate world we live in today.

abacus of virtue18

abacus of virtue (in japanese, soroban. was also defined as “the art of reckoning”) is a conceptual piece I created last year.  it is based on a Buddhist story about a monk who would collect white and black stones and count them at the end of the day to see how many virtuous vs. negative actions he had committed.  I loved this concept. as a very organized somewhat obsessive-compulsive type I could relate to the ritual and process of being mindful with the use of visuals. notice how the white beads escalate up and therefore the negatives flow down.


this is the “conveyer” at the junkyard that I rescued her from.  very broken and not resting in peace.  my idea was to re-new, recycle and re-use the parts that I could and add a new life or purpose to her existence. she was configured to replicate the japanese abacus not the traditional chinese.

i have a japanese mother who used an abacus daily and I can recall how the beads freely spun and made a pretty noise.  her fingers were nimble back then and they moved like wildfire! her calculations were always dead on, something that did not pass down in modeling or genetics!

PEACE is defined as the absence of hostility. We are not a world in this definition.  there are wars a plenty and not just between nations but amongst cultures, barrios, peoples, families, individuals…within our very own mind.

i’m doing my part with a smaller “abacus of virtue” and it is not easy…simple yes, but not an easy task as I add one more black bead up or down! it’s a great visual! with the larger one in my warehouse/gallery it can hold thousands of virtuous actions or…..

Sep 13 2009

KUZU Salon

for the past ten years i have rented warehouse space or worked originally from my carport/garage and utilized my art site  ”theasianwelder” site now houses my works from Josei and in 2008 i was fortunate enough to purchase a brand new warehouse with a space in front that accommodates a gallery. KUZU Salon was born! the idea was to incorporate my daughters works in fashion, screen printings, murals and art works within a boutique atmosphere and have three to four fine artist receptions in the year. some of the shows will partner with other artists but most will be solo shows representing “The Asian Welder” thus eliminating the middle man, galleries.




i built the “barn” door myself which slides to an opening nine foot wide to accommodate large works!  the mural to the right of the front door will change with each new year to reflect the experience of the salon.  the back wall (pink) will change colors with each artist reception!



warehouse door

looking outside the front “gallery” windows…..

looking out front kuzu

this is where i work today! a magnificant space with great lighting! the sky lights work so well here that i rarely need to turn the overhead lights on.


warehouse space (shop) weeks before the opening!

shop from the back

SHOP kuzuupdate: sept. 20th

Sep 2 2009

The “ART” of Giving


2009 – 2010 Calendar


October 10th, Saturday – Kuzu Salon presents “The Age of Aquarius” w/artist and sculptor, h. colditz

Mariko/Laurel Burton’s Fall Fashion line runway show!

10% of sales goes to Tara Mahayana Buddhist Center


December 18/19th – “Project Insect” artists Jessa/James, 2 day event will feature bugs! paintings, interactive activities, book signing… check out their website

10% sales towards Tucson Children’s Museum

January 30th – Winter reception – “Emerging Young Artists”  - Kuzu’s  2010 Accessory Line – Graffiti in progress by A.I.R.,

10% sales goes to VOICES

February 13th - LOVE sale all day in the salon!  Sweets/coffee…buy 2 and get 3rd free of same merchandise or 20% off art!

March 20th – ONE Year Anniversary and Spring reception

Diana Yakowitz and h. colditz photographs

two perspectives of phenomena

10% sales towards Kore Press

May 25th – “Paint Your Fashion” 11 – 5pm Tuesday, 2nd annual


May 28/29th – Summer Close Out SALE!