Aug 14 2009

the WINNER(s) are…

these two tied for first and will be screen printed onto T shirts for the fall show!


dragon-t6-thresholdsecond, third and fourth place photo’s will be used as flyers for the event as well as invites.


thank you all for participating and helping me with your guidance…one never see’s them”self” in the same light as others.  i do hope i have everybody’s email that chose the winners! if not please contact me so i can send you your T!

Aug 11 2009


is change our cherishing to others.    Ven Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

for two weeks i received many teachings in Dharma, and many sessions in find it is possible to change my ordinary view but also to understand how much training it will take to achieve this mindfulness on a continual and consistent basis. as a human being i am grateful for this opportunity of growth and spiritual path and am even more grateful to have had the karma to attend my guru’s last public teachings and empowerments.

walk-to-town3one of the many teachings he and other teachers brought up were the distractions we place within our daily life to “feel” busy…but what exactly are we busy with?

it is not a question of working to make a living to support ourselves and family but what of the other distractions in our lives? are we mindfully asking ourself what or why we engage in these “busy” things? is it to help others or is it merely self cherishing? before the advent of the computer and email we checked our mail once…daily. now many check their mail several times in an hour! as technology advances and consumers consume or buy into these devices we become less connected not only to ourselves but in essence to other beings. we validate it by saying we are at a fingers touch to reach accross the world to tap into anyone and everyone whom will listen, but seriously, what are we saying to them? when we spend time with family, friends or our own children how do we choose to spend it? in a movie, playing games, watching television…all false connections to stay busy so our minds do not have to share our thoughts or feelings. i am as guilty as most. my form of distraction is my computer, validating it that it is my means of marketing and staying in touch. however, if i mindfully engage now, i do so with time limitations and checking in to see if what i am spending time on is truly beneficial, not just for myself but more importantly to others.

garden-path2there are many choices in this precious life…i have chosen a path to question my “business” or daily distractions in this world. this human life is more precious than we can ever imagine, and yet we value success by means of material wealth and not inner wealth. if what we ALL want is happiness and peace, and i am talking about permanent, not the temporary kind you find shopping for a new skirt but true inner peace, than one MUST consider questioning his or her mind to determine how i can achieve inner peace and happiness within this lifetime?

world peace always begins within.

temple-from-behind-wallManjushri Centre Temple, England